Manufacturing is not what is used to be

MES providers require a considerable amount of customization to effectively integrate with related enterprise systems within and beyond the manufacturing floor.

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Enabling a material-centric view of operations.

The ThinkIQ manufacturing platform can identify previously unseen correlations, and even root causes, from your supply chain across internal manufacturing and external processes. ThinkIQ reveals material movements and creates a comprehensive material ledger to identify new insight and unlock improvement opportunities.


ThinkIQ Case Study




Product Functionality - Continuous Manufacturing

Combined with MES, ThinkIQ leads to a revolutionary, transformative view of manufacturing data. The Free case study identifies several common functional and operational limitations of MES and highlights how combining ThinkIQ with your MES solution provides unprecedented insight and operational control across your extended supply chain.


ThinkIQ Case Study


ThinkIQ provides a potential alternative or enhancement

 to those companies seeking to avoid the following limitations associated with traditional MES.

1. Extends MES beyond the manufacturing floor 

2. Solves manual connectivity and translation between the enterprise and operations layers

3. Closed-loop capability to provision operational systems in real-time

4. Much More


ThinkIQ Case Study1.

The Industry 4.0 Data Revolution

Learn more about how ThinkIQ compliments MES

and progresses manufacturers towards the full benefits of Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing, enabling a material-centric view of operations.


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