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Modern Manufacturing Enterprise

Material is the most Important  element of any manufacturing production operation just like money and capital is the heart of banking and finance. So why does every manufacturing company measure and track material differently while monitoring and analyzing their money using standard tools like income and balance sheets?


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Find out How Enterprise-Wide Insights in Material Flow Provides a Competitive Advantage

Improve yield and quality like never before, while mitigating the risk of recalls, saving costs and harmonizing operations. 


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Understanding Provenance Data Management in Manufacturing

There are 4 questions we must be able to answer to realize material traceability in a supply chain:

1. Where did components come from (ingredients/packs)?
2. What is in it?
3. Where was it made and under what circumstances?
4. Where did it go?


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The Industry 4.0 Data Revolution

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Your company is unique, and your specific processes and value chain need to be considered for any solution. 


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