What is Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing

How can it improve your control tower?

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How to improve manufacturing yield, safety, quality, and compliance by making sense of your data.

 The essence of the Manufacturing 4.0 revolution is connectedness, where machines, people and processes can be connected across the supply chain to break down data silos.

As a result, you can improve yield and quality like never before, while mitigating risk of recalls, saving cost and harmonizing operations.


ThinkIQ Guide to Smart Manufacturing




Why material intelligence is this key technology we need to reach Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing.

Material coarseness or consistency directly affects machine performance and premature degradation. In the consumer-packaged goods industry, product freshness or ingredient makeup can cause quality problems or recalls due to contamination or mislabeling of allergy causing ingredients. Off spec material can result in the generation of waste or additional energy needed to process.


ThinkIQ Guide to Smart Manufacturing

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The 5 Essential Capabilities of a Smart Supply Chain Control Tower:

At ThinkIQ, we have found that there are 5 stages to Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing as it applies to material traceability.

1. Allows for end-to-end visibility across supply chain partners

2. Facilitates information-sharing and realtime collaboration

3.Delivers early warning alerts so you can manage supply chain disruptions before they snowball

4.Provides decision support through predictive and prescriptive analytics

5.Enables a self-correcting supply chain with autonomous decision-making and control through the power of Machine Learning


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