Carbon Emission Data Capture and Statuary Reporting is Front and Center in the US and EU

This affects both public and private corporations
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How Will You Comply?

The CFOs, CLCs, and Compliance executives of leading organizations are scrambling to determine how they will comply with both the mandatory and voluntary reporting requirements. In many cases the data may not exist and using manual spreadsheets will prove to be labor-intensive, challenging to update, and difficult to audit. This white paper provides an overview of the greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting, describes US GAAP compliance challenges with the GHG Protocol, and makes the argument for automating the collection and reporting process to support an activity-based accounting approach.


ThinkIQ Guide to GHG Emissions reporting




The GHG (Green House Gas) Protocol

Created in 1990 and first published in 2001, the GHG Protocol seeks to develop internationally accepted GHG accounting and reporting standards and tools to promote their adoption worldwide. The GHG Protocol is the world's most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standard and framework for ThinkIQ's carbon reporting solutions. The GHG protocol creates three categories of emissions: Scope 1, Scope 2 and  Scope 3.


ThinkIQ Guide to GHG Emissions reporting

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3 Steps to Becoming a Smart Factory

What you don't know can and will hurt your manufacturing supply chain. Understaning the steps to becoming a Smart Factory are easier than you may think

1. People: The goal of Smart Manufacturing is not to replace people but to empower them to learn and use the optimal combination of Smart technologies to improve their organization
2. Smart Technology: Selecting the right combination of technologies can be challenging, but the good news is that you can start small, and the cost of many Smart Technologies is affordable for even smaller organizations
3. Implementation: When evaluating how best to proceed, a simple ROI analysis can guide your choices


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