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ThinkIQ is a thought leader and technology driver in supply chain intelligence. The company uniquely focuses on providing end-to-end traceability of materials as they move through complex supply chains. It does so with an innovative software platform that leverages existing data (traditional IT and IoT), advanced algorithms combined with semantic modeling to automatically detect physical material movements.


ThinkIQ Case Study




Proven Hard & Soft Benefits

Via enabling an organization to have a better understanding & correlations of your overall Supply Chain material flow will unlock the supply chain waste to reduce COGS (by Millions and < 6-month ROI).


ThinkIQ Case Study


Global Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer Uses ThinkIQ

to PreventProduct Recalls and Improve Operational Processes, Saving Over $30M

1. Problem - Detect Gluten Contamination
2. Solution - Cloud Based Platform
3. Primary Benefits
4. Secondary Benefits


ThinkIQ Case Study

The Industry 4.0 Data Revolution

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