How it works


1 - Instrument

Non-invasive ThinkIQ Vision cameras are rapidly installed. No retrofit necessary, and since the system looks at equipment vs. connecting to it, any vintage machine can be digitized. Additionally, ThinkIQ Vision can create “visual twins” of operator activities and material or product information with no need for data entry.


2 – Analyze

ThinkIQ captures the data at the edge, and then transmits as needed to our cloud to feed the artificial intelligence pipeline. ThinkIQ automatically translates your physical operations into analytical data.


3 – Action

ThinkIQ Vision generates big data where none exists leveraging cameras and machine vision. It gives operators and managers real-time reporting on critical actives and events.


Realtime Solutions

ThinkIQ Vision gives you the full picture by measuring machines for utilization, materials & products for status and people for efficiency. True productivity can now be captured with just a basic camera.

ThinkIQ Vision can deliver:

  • Current state of all machines actual productivity
  • Time travel to enable review of all captured activity
  • Unbiased comparison of productivity between shifts and between machines of similar type
  • Real time analysis of inbound and outbound traffic and materials
  • Unbiased breakdown of setup time vs. run time of machines
  • A variety of safety violation analysis to improve workplace safety




Expose Blind Spots:

ThinkIQ Vision gives managers real-time reporting on critical activities and events.


Empower your team to make real-time, informed decisions that decrease cycle time and increase margins without retrofit, disruptions to your operations, or the need for expensive new machinery or IT infrastructure.


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